Is Therapy Right for Me?

Do you feel like no one is understanding you or really listening to you? Maybe you’re not sure why you feel the way that you do, but you feel it would be nice to have your own private and confidential friend who gives you their undivided attention. Maybe you want “me time” and having a quiet chat with sound counsel is just what you need to help yourself unwind.

I am equipped to help you with anything that has knocked you off your feet or taken the wind out of your sails. Sometimes we just go through things that make it hard for us to assess the situation, to think clearly, and to come up with a solution that works for us. This is where the help of a therapist comes into play. I am accustomed to helping others work through the trials of life and I do that through the best practices set by the standards of my profession.

Whether we are treating a psychological disorder, helping you make up your mind about a life decision, or anything that falls between, I will tailor our time together specifically to your needs to help you achieve what is best. The bottom line, therapy is for everybody.