Welcome to Free Thinking Counseling!

Chauncey Michael Murch III

Almost all our displeasure and suffering is the byproduct of how we think.  You spend every moment of your life with your thoughts and the character of those thoughts can hold you captive.  You can break those chains, but it takes practice like training oneself to ward off a physical assault. At the end of the day, our lives don’t get any better than our minds are.

Sam Harris

The Mission of Free Thinking Counseling

The nature of our thoughts can have a tremendous impact on our daily lives willfully or not. Thoughts can slip past us unnoticed or barrage the forefront of our minds. Both of which can result in creating emotional distress and leaving us feeling out of control. We can build awareness, gain valuable insight through our attuned experiences, and reclaim control of our lives through the skills of mindfulness at Free Thinking Counseling.

Let’s free your thinking towards a healthier version of yourself by working together to reach the potential that’s within you!